Article 1: General information
The Competition 'Lufthansa Memory Network' (hereafter referred to as 'the Competition') is hosted by Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Von-Gablenz-Str. 2-6, 50679 Cologne, Germany (hereafter referred to as 'Lufthansa'), Email: Participation is voluntary and free of charge. Participation is not dependent on the purchase of goods or services.
Article 2: Duration, aim and location of the competition
The Competition is organised for the purpose of promoting the services, destinations and heritage of Lufthansa.
The Competition will take place in Europe (except for the following countries: Italy, Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Switzerland and Turkey) during the period from 3 April 2017 until 30 April 2017 inclusive (until 23:59). Participants from the excluded countries may still submit memories to the Memory Network but will not be eligible to win.
Article 3: Promotional area
Promotional online materials will be available on the official competition website:
Article 4: Prize fund
The prize fund consists of three main prizes given according to the ranking scheme prescribed in Article 7:
1. prize (main): two return flight tickets in Lufthansa Economy Class to one of Lufthansa’s European destinations, chosen by the winner. The prize does not include any transfer services from/to airports, hotel and any other accommodation etc.
2. prize: RIMOWA Electronic Tag cabin trolley
3. prize: GoPro Hero 5 camera

Prizes cannot be exchanged for money or other products and/or services.
Article 5: Eligibility
Each participant can enter the contest an unlimited number of times and will be entered once for each submission. Participants who are residents of Italy, Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Switzerland and Turkey will not be eligible to be finalists/winners.

The employees of Lufthansa and members of their immediate families (parents, spouses, children, siblings) are exempt from entering and do not have the right to participate in the competition.

If any manipulative or disruptive behaviour is suspected on the part of a participant, Lufthansa reserves the right to exclude the respective participant from the Competition.
Article 6: How to participate in the Competition
During the Competition, participants take part via the microsite "Lufthansa Memory Network" (hereafter referred to as “microsite”) available at: The microsite will engage users in order to promote the services, destinations and heritage of Lufthansa.

Participants are invited to share their travel experiences by uploading a photo from their travel destination and submitting a short description of their memories from the respective travel experience. Any images or descriptions consisting of immoral, unethical, racist, pornographic, discriminatory or criminal content are prohibited. Lufthansa will exclude the participant from the Competition without warning.
Article 7: Selection of winners
Selection of winners will be based on user interaction point scheme. For each uploaded travel experience it will be possible to like, share or comment (via available microsite functions) by other users. Each ‘view’ will bring 1 point, each ‘like’ 10 points and each ‘comment’ 20 points to the user who has submitted his/her content and entered the required details to participate within the Competition. After the competition has ended, a jury consisting of 5 Lufthansa employees, will select the winners from the top 10 ranked memories. Top 10 ranked memories will be based upon the sum of earned points from method described above. The Jury will then announce the winners upon choosing from the top 10 memories.

Winners will be announced on 8 of May 2017 within the microsite and via direct mailing.

Winners are not able to exchange their prize for cash or any other products and services. The prize is not transferrable.
Article 8: How to claim the prize
The winners of the Competition will have had to submit their contact information within the microsite and will be notified regarding how to claim their prize via e-mail after the Competition has closed. If the winner does not confirm receipt of this e-mail within three weeks, the prize will be given to another participant with the next closest jury ranking.

The winner of the main prize will be able to book their tickets from the date of the winner’s proclamation until the 01st July 2017. Travel must be completed before March 2018. Flight reservation is possible 60 days in advance and the date of travel and will be subject to availability. Therefore a reservation on the requested dates cannot be guaranteed. The winner will receive the prize via e-mail within fourteen (14) days of being selected, with detailed information about the booking process. The ticket(s) will be issued as an etix (electronic ticket).
Article 9: Participants of the competition
Participants who take part in the Competition may not request a different prize other than that listed in these Terms and Conditions by the organiser. By participating in this Competition, participants accept these Terms and Conditions.
Article 10: Errors and irregular registrations
Incorrect or incomplete registrations are invalid and not entitled to receive any awards. Only adult participants (over 18 years of age) are eligible to win a prize. Incorrect registrations are ones whose name, surname and other data entered in the contact form in the microsite or directly by e-mail to Lufthansa after the winners’ announcement does not correspond to the actual name and surname on their passport or ID card. Answers posted on any other platform than the microsite or sent as private messages via social media or by e-mail will not be considered part of the Competition and will be treated as an irregular application. Lufthansa has the right to exclude any participant from the Competition if there is any reasonable doubt that the participant is using unverified participation methods.
Article 11: Publicity/Announcement of the winner
The participants agree that the submitted content within the microsite and that information submitted can be used for any marketing purposes in all territories in perpetuity without any royalty or licensing fees. The participants agree that the name of the Competition winners will be published within microsite submitted content within the microsite and that information submitted can be used for any marketing purposes in all territories in perpetuity without any royalty or licensing fees.
Article 12: Exclusion of liability/Termination of the completion
Lufthansa is released from all obligations upon delivery of the prizes and shall not be liable for any deficiencies concerning the prizes.
Lufthansa can in no way be held responsible for any loss or damage that may result from or occur in connection with the participation in the Competition or any transmission error or any other technical difficulty, unless the loss or damage is caused by Lufthansa intentionally or through gross negligence. Unaffected by this remain damages due to loss of life, physical injury and damage to health.
Lufthansa reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notification and to terminate or interrupt the Competition at any time in case any difficulties occur that could comprise the integrity of the Competition and/or its proper execution.
Article 13: Underage participants in a competition
Juvenile users are allowed to participate within the Competition, but have no right to win the prize (written in Article 4). However, if the prize competition winner is under the age of 18, Lufthansa will present the award to the person who, by law or decision of the local authority, is his or her legal guardian who is then required to provide documents proving a parental relationship.
Article 14: Trademark rights/Copyright/Right of use
All trademarks, copyrights, database rights and other rights to the protection of intellectual property regarding the content of Lufthansa (as well as the organisation and layout of the website, together with the underlying software code, belong to either Lufthansa or its licensors. Without the prior written consent of Lufthansa, participants may not copy, modify, or distribute, use or reproduce the Lufthansa content or the underlying software code in any form either in whole or in part.

Participants may use the Lufthansa microsite only in accordance with their applicable Terms of Use. In particular, each participant agrees to the following:
• You must not use the Lufthansa microsite in a way that is likely to infringe proprietary rights of others.
• You must not use any device, mechanism, software or other scripts that may interfere with the functionality of the Lufthansa microsite. This includes the uploading of files infected with viruses.
• You shall not take any action that could result in an unreasonable or excessive load on the Lufthansa infrastructure.
• You may not block, overwrite or modify any contents generated by Lufthansa, or in any way interfere with the Lufthansa microsite.
• You may not reproduce data from the Lufthansa Memory Network microsite, for commercial purposes. In particular, you may not copy, distribute, use or reproduce content found on the Lufthansa Memory Network microsite in any way using "robots", other search technologies or other automatic mechanisms.
• You may not obtain or attempt to obtain unauthorised access to any of our networks by any means.
Article 15: Data Protection
All required data for participation is supplied voluntary by the participant. Lufthansa complies with all applicable legal data protection requirements. The data received by Lufthansa in connection with the Competition will be processed and saved for the purpose of the execution of this competition only. By accepting these Terms and Conditions you give your consent for your data to be collected, used and saved by Lufthansa for marketing purposes. The participant is always free to withdraw his/her consent to Lufthansa and thus to resign from participating in the competition.
By accepting these Terms and Conditions you further give your consent to the publication of the winner’s full name on the Lufthansa official channels.
Your personal information may be used in a manner consistent with the Privacy Policies of Lufthansa.
Article 16: Applicable Law/Miscellaneous
The Competition is exclusively governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. All decisions of Lufthansa are final. Legal recourse is expressly excluded. Any legal claim, including to challenge of provision, shall be brought in a court located in Germany.
Should any of these Terms and Conditions be or become invalid, the validity of the remaining parts shall not be affected.

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