The most beautiful stories and moments are often those shared with others. Or the actual situations, in which we feel the full scale of life. No matter if we travelled the road alone or experienced adventures in the company of others – memories connect and stay alive when they are shared. Let the world be part of your most memorable moments, and see how they connect with others and really last.
What is it?
Like the neural synapses in the brain in which they are stored; memories are connected, living entities that stay ever-colourful and vital when remembered and shared. The Lufthansa Memory Network is a digital recreation of this biological community, where users can share their favourite, most profound, most spectacular, and most emotional travel memories. Think of it as the world’s most collaborative travel journal.
There are hundreds, even thousands of treasured memories to explore in the Lufthansa Memory Network, all you have to do is click on them and you can read the full story, learning more about why the memory is so special.
Add your own:
So why not add your own and see how it connects to those of others? Once you upload your memory via our online form and add the details, you can see how your memory connects to those of others by way of connecting lines.
Blue line: means your memory is connected to another in the same geographical location.
Yellow line: means your memory took place in the same year as another memory.
White line: means your memory contains the same tags as another memory.
Dig deeper:
Looking for specific memories? You can use the search and filter functions to better find what you're looking for.
Now win:
So what are you waiting for? What’s the one memory you just can’t afford to forget? That marriage proposal under the shimmer of the Aurora Borealis? The view from that spectacular climb up Kilimanjaro? Or that once-in-a-lifetime family holiday when everyone was there? Share your favourite travel experience by April 30th, 2017 and you could win one of our fantastic prizes.